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Blair McChesney, CNP

Blair is a native of Cincinnati and a board certified Nurse Practitioner. Dr. Grawe and Blair work closely together to specialize in shoulder, elbow, knee, and sports related injuries. Blair earned her Bachelors of Science in Nursing from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2011. She then continued her studies and received her Masters of Science in Nursing from the University of Cincinnati in 2018. Blair enjoys competing in half marathons and spinning, so she knows the importance of getting back to activities that bring happiness to her patients' lives.


Mackenzie Stout

Mackenzie is Dr. Grawe’s medical assistant. She assists with all types of patient care in the office, and can answer nearly all clinical questions during your office visit. She is truly Dr. Grawe’s “right hand woman”. She will be the one who fits you for your brace, sling, or cast. She will also be the one to remove your sutures if you have surgery. She can be reached during normal office hours at (513) 475-8690.

Christa Fyffe

Christa Fyffe

Christa Fyffe is the medical secretary for Dr. Grawe. She assists with surgery scheduling. She can help you with all phases of your pre-operative planning such as pre-surgery history and physicals, surgery pre-certification with your insurance company, and necessary lab work. She can be reached at (513) 475-8690.

Javana Bradfor

Javana Bradfor

Javana Bradfor is a medical secretary for Dr. Grawe. She can assist you with scheduling any outpatient testing ordered by Dr. Grawe, such as MRIs and CT scans. She will also complete any paperwork needed for FMLA or disability claims pertaining to any surgery performed by Dr. Grawe. Please understand your paperwork will be completed as promptly as possible, but often times cannot be completed immediately or the day of your office visit. She can be reached at (513) 475-8690.


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